RMB, Feba UK’s partner in Bangladesh, is mainly broadcasting to a Muslim population. Using shortwave radio, the programmes support those exploring the Christian faith, along with believers in rural parts of the country. The broadcasts also demonstrate faith in action by addressing health and social issues.   

SUNDAY 9th February

Please pray for the security and protection of new believers like Mahamuder who are facing persecution for sharing their faith. At a recent prayer meeting of believers, a group suddenly burst in and warned them not to invite any anyone from his village to prayer meetings. Mahamuder is fearful of visiting other believers after this incident and feels his life is in danger.

MONDAY 10th February

We thank God there are now 33 groups that are using Discovery Bible Study materials. In one group, four people have been baptised. Please pray for Shahinur who is facing hostility after he shared some Bible stories he’d heard in his DBS group. Despite warnings from the locals not read the Bible, Shahinur says, “But I am very much encouraged by attending the group and want to continue sharing good news to people in spite of obstacles”.

TUESDAY 11th February

Please pray for the three Disciple Making Movement conferences that are taking place in 2020. Ask for God’s wisdom and guidance in all the planning and preparations for these important gatherings. Also, please pray for divine protection for all those leading and attending these conferences, and that God would give them safe journeys.  

WEDNESDAY 12th February

We thank God for all the faithful ministry partners in Bangladesh who are reaching out to people like Ataur and sending resources. Ataur wrote recently, “Thank you for sending me Bible. Now I am reading this Bible. I am listening to your programme regularly. Last night I listen to Billy Graham progamme and I liked it. I will contact you again after I have read more portion of the Bible. Thank you for broadcasting such a nice programme in Bengali”. Please pray for Ataur and many other listeners who are searching for answers.

THURSDAY 13th February

Today is World Radio Day, when we remember and give thanks for the powerful medium that radio provides for evangelism. Please pray for the National Ministry Coordinator in Bangladesh and ask for God’s strength and guidance as he leads the team and faces enormous opposition to sharing the good news of Jesus. Please also pray for physical healing for his wife. 

FRIDAY 14th February

On a practical note, our partners have asked us to pray for the road construction work that is currently being carried out in the area where the ministry office is located. This work has been causing very heavy traffic and delays for over a year and is clearly making life very difficult for the team. Please pray the work can be completely swiftly and a sense of God’s calm and peace can return to this area.

SATURDAY 15th February

Please pray for God’s covering and protection over the offices and studio where the ministry is currently based. Ask for God to watch over all those who enter and leave the building. Many are fearful about being followed or challenged for sharing the good news of Jesus (Psalm 121:7-8).