In countries like Bangladesh where there is opposition to evangelism, radio is one of the few ways available to share the gospel. As many as 95% of Bangladeshis are yet to follow Jesus. Our radio partners and local churches are sharing the good news and welcoming new believers through their listener's conferences, teaching and baptising those who are choosing to follow Jesus.

SUNDAY 8th August

Praise God for the new believers who were baptised in June. While we give thanks for this news, we also pray for many of these new believers who are facing persecution from fellow villagers in the northern region of the country. Pray for God's full armour of protection to keep them safe and give them divine encouragement (Ephesians 6: 10-18).

MONDAY 9th August

Day workers are one of the major contributors to Bangladesh's 'informal economy'. Many are forced to live hand to mouth with little security or stability. Please pray for the day workers who are unable to work right now because of lockdown restrictions. Ask God to meet their daily needs in the face of so much suffering and uncertainty about the future (Matthew 6:11).

TUESDAY 10th August

Discovery Bible Study (DBS) groups are facing disruption across Bangladesh as the weekly meetings have had to be cancelled because of COVID-19. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to keep group members connected and inspired to go deeper into studying God's word. Praise God that despite the restrictions, our partners have a goal to baptise 100 new believers and start 10 new DBS groups this year.

WEDNESDAY 11th August

Please pray for the next RMB radio listener's conference that's due to take place, God willing, later this month. Please pray for good health for all those organising this conference and for those planning to attend. We praise God for the evangelistic opportunities that come during these conferences and for the 43 RMB listeners who have professed faith in Christ from January to June this year.

THURSDAY 12th August

A key member of the production team at RMB radio is suffering with COVID-19. Please pray for a swift recovery and for God's protection over the rest of the team. We thank God that the wife of the national coordinator of RMB radio has recovered following her major hysterectomy surgery and is now returning to good health and everyday life.

FRIDAY 13th August

Plans are underway to restart the regular morning discipleship radio programme. Please pray for the team working on these new programmes. May they be given fresh inspiration and creative ideas as they make these programmes and seek to engage with an even wider audience and deepen people's faith and understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

SATURDAY 14th August

Please pray for the field follow-up team as they prepare to lead training sessions for DBS group leaders and catalysts in different regions as soon as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Also, please lift up the rest of the team in prayer asking that they will grow in confidence and faith as they continue to serve Christ in mission (Ephesians 3:12).