RMB is Feba UK’s partner in Bangladesh. Using shortwave radio, the programmes support those exploring the Christian faith, along with believers in rural parts of the country. The broadcasts also demonstrate faith in action by addressing health and social issues.

SUNDAY 24th January  

Please pray for all those who attended the discipleship conference in November. These conferences are for new believers and seek to encourage, inspire, and enthuse them to share their faith in creative and sensitive ways and to form new listeners groups. Pray that those who attended may have boldness, courage and wisdom (Joshua 1:7-9).

MONDAY 25th January  

Praise God for the 34 people who were baptised at a radio listeners conference in October. Pray that each one would be strengthened in their faith day by day.

TUESDAY 26th January   

We lift up to God those people who would normally attend listeners groups but feel fearful to join in because of concerns about COVID-19. In spite of the virus, pray that the seeds of the Gospel sown through the radio programmes will take root and come to fruition in their lives. 

WEDNESDAY 27th January 

Praise God that 50 Mega voice players have arrived safely in-country. These devices will be loaded with Bible stories and distributed to groups in rural areas. Please pray for the largely non-literate communities that they will find this to be an effective and enjoyable way for them to learn Bible truths. Also, please pray for the team preparing the Mega voice players. Ask God to guide them by the Holy Spirit as they choose what stories to record and distribute.

THURSDAY 28th January 

Remember those listeners who are members of discipleship groups and are not able to meet in person. Praise God that they continue to keep in touch with each other by phone and by meeting up informally at the marketplace. Please pray for them as they seek to share the hope of Jesus with others. 

FRIDAY 29th January  

At the start of this New Year, please remember the team members who produce radio programmes, those who record and those who speak on air. Pray that they will be inspired by the Holy Spirit Himself in all they say and do. 

SATURDAY 30th January 

Please pray for P as he leads the team in Bangladesh. He has had some real struggles with his health and needs healing. Pray that he will be strengthened as he seeks to provide leadership to the radio team as well as being active in leadership in his church.

SUNDAY 31st January 

Please pray for P’s family. P's two children have been unable to continue with their studies outside the country due to travel restrictions. P’s wife is also waiting for a date for surgery and is in some discomfort. As we pray for this special family, let us remember these words in James 5:15, 'And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well'.

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