RMB is Feba UK’s partner in Bangladesh. Using shortwave radio, the programmes support those exploring the Christian faith, along with believers in rural parts of the country. The broadcasts also demonstrate faith in action by addressing health and social issues. The RMB team respond and pray for listeners, offering opportunities to share their personal experiences and request ongoing prayer.

SUNDAY 13th February

The RMB team in Bangladesh praise God for what He is doing despite the opposition that believers are experiencing. Give thanks to our Almighty Saviour for the way the church is growing across the country as more are coming to faith and choosing to follow Jesus Christ. One team member shares, “My wife and I lead two DBS groups. We have 10 believers in our groups. More people are showing an interest in Jesus, but some neighbours are keeping their eyes on us and what we do. Please uphold us in your prayers so that no harm happens to us.”

MONDAY 14th February

Please pray for the RMB follow up team as they respond to listeners’ questions and concerns. Pray that they might be strengthened to continue in their ministry as they see believers struggling in their faith. They are finding that some are choosing not to attend training sessions due to external pressures and personal challenges. Encourage them as they seek to support listeners to stay close to Jesus and grow in their personal walk with God. Pray that the follow-up activities planned will inspire and re-engage those who are finding it difficult at this time.

TUESDAY 15th February

We ask that you lift up the national coordinator for RMB today and pray particularly for his health and that of his wife. There are many pressures being faced by health services in the country, including the ongoing impact of Covd-19. Pray for continued healing and physical strength for them as they serve in this vital ministry and share the Good News in such difficult and demanding circumstances.  

WEDNESDAY 16th February

As we settle into a new year, the team are working hard to relaunch their discipleship programme next month, in March. This will accompany their daily 30-minute evangelistic broadcast that explores the Christian faith. Please pray for all those involved in bringing together the planning and production for the relaunch, ask that God will inspire them as they seek to create meaningful content for new believers.

THURSDAY 17th February

Today, please lift up the production team and scriptwriters as they pray and prepare for broadcasts over the coming month and year ahead. Ask that God will guide them as they make decisions on content and find fresh ways to share the work of Jesus with those listening. Please pray for one of the scriptwriters who is suffering from a heart problem making it difficult to work and support the wider team. Pray for swift healing and comfort at this difficult time.

FRIDAY 18th February

The team regularly hear from listeners who share some of the challenges that they are facing. In a recent call a listener, AB shared “I received Jesus in 2014. After I accepted Christ, I shared God’s words in my area and many people came to Christ through me. Now some influential people in our area have told me to stop. If I do not listen to them, they will take action against me. Please keep me in your prayers.” As you journey through today, keep AB in your prayers, asking that God will continue to protect him and bring him a deep sense of peace, as he proclaims the Good News to those around him.

SATURDAY 19th February

Sadly, persecution and opposition are a frequent experience for those who become Christians across the country. Please pray for those who have heard the Good News but are too afraid to respond, fearful that they will be harmed or worse, if they are discovered. Following a recent listener conference a new believer explained, “After I attended the training a month ago, I gave the gospel to a group of people in my area. They are interested in Christ but due to social pressure, they are scared”. Ask that God will lead those feeling afraid today and reassure them of His love and care.