For almost ten years, the FEBC Cambodia team has been reaching a large audience through their Family FM radio broadcasts. With only 0.5% of Cambodians professing the Christian faith, new social media initiatives are making it possible to reach greater numbers of young people. Today, a 500-watt relay station in Kampong Thom Province reaches provinces that were previously unreachable. Teams also provide radios to those living in the most remote areas. Where roads are scarce in Cambodia’s borderlands, the gospel is scarcer, but radio is connecting families and communities so they too can hear the Good News of Jesus for the first time.

SUNDAY 21st August

Praise God for the ways that Krusa FM, FEBC's radio station in Cambodia, is helping to build strong families. In June, the station organised a family seminar titled 'The Foundation of Family' in collaboration with Family Ministry in Takeo Province. Please pray for the 28 participants who attended the seminar, particularly as they apply the lessons in their own families and pass on what they've learned to others in their community. (Psalm 71:17)

MONDAY 22nd August

The Krusa FM mission team recently spent a very fruitful time with listeners in Kampong Thom Province. The team also met with leaders of the provincial women's group and a team of pastors who lead a church in Stung Sen City. Please ask God to strengthen and widen all of these personal connections so that many more will hear about this unique radio ministry and discover how they too can be inspired to become followers of Jesus Christ.

TUESDAY 23rd August

We thank God for the wonderful testimonies that people are sharing about hearing God speak to them through Krusa FM. After a recent gathering of listeners, Auntie Hem Siek said, "As we got together, we heard about the miraculous conversion of Cambodians and indigenous people who had listened to Krusa FM programmes. It is good that the Lord Jesus has never left me and helped me live my life according to God's Word in His presence." Please pray for Auntie Hem Siek and the other believers at that gathering. May God fill them with His Spirit and use them mightily as His witnesses in this nation. (Romans 1:16)

WEDNESDAY 24th August

For Uncle Peourn, an indigenous Kuay, Krusa FM has become his 'family'. He thanked the radio station recently for "always being close to us". He went on to say, "How joyful I am that the Word of God encourages me to build hope and live humbly before Him and my family". Please pray for Uncle Peourn and other indigenous Kuay people who are turning to Christ in response to hearing the Gospel on Krusa FM.

THURSDAY 25th August

Auntie Reth is an elder with a big heart to serve God. Despite her circumstances, she tries to give regularly to support the ministry of Krusa FM. She says, "Even though it is a small amount, God has given me the ability to continue to serve Him. I am so happy to be a part of Krusa FM to build the Kingdom of God". Please pray for Auntie Reth and others who give so faithfully to support the spread of the Gospel. May we be blessed and encouraged to follow her Christ-like example. (2 Corinthians 8:1-7)

FRIDAY 26th August

In January 2023, Cambodian Christians will be celebrating the 'Centennial Anniversary of the Heritage of the Gospel to Cambodia'. In preparation for this landmark occasion, the committees of the Gospel Heritage recently organised a major event for Christians to gather together to praise God, receive encouragement and pray for this upcoming anniversary celebrating the arrival of the Gospel in Cambodia in 1923. Praise God for the part that Krusa FM is playing in livestreaming these events on social media and via radio broadcasts which is enabling people across the country to join in praising and glorifying God together. Please pray that these events will cause a great awakening to the Gospel across the nation.  

SATURDAY 27th August

Although Cambodia is rarely headline news these days, please pray that Cambodia's faithful Christians will become widely known as the 'pleasing aroma of Christ' across Asia and the rest of the world. (2 Corinthians 2:15)

SUNDAY 28th August

Please pray for the partnerships that Krusa FM enjoys with other Christian NGOs and organisations that are committed to be salt and light for the Cambodian people. Ask God to draw them ever more closely together to share the good news of Jesus at every opportunity.

MONDAY 29th August

Praise God for the testimony of Auntie Boty. She believes God stopped her from taking her life after she listened to a programme on Krusa FM. She says, "Praise the Lord, I have found the answer to hope, which is to live to trust God. Thanks to the Krusa FM programme that touched my heart and guided me to live in hope with God". She ends by saying, "May God bless the station to be wise in producing good programmes to restore the hearts of listeners like me". (Psalm 147:3)

TUESDAY 30th August

Please pray for God's love, creativity and wisdom to be poured out in abundance on the team at Krusa FM. For those who are feeling physically exhausted and lacking in spiritual vitality, please ask God to renew their strength and hope in the Lord. May they know God's power that is made perfect in weakness as they continue to create content that will serve their audiences on air, online and in face-to-face meetings. (Isaiah 40:31)

WEDNESDAY 31st August

FEBC's ministry in Cambodia has the following strapline: 'Healing from the past – Receive help today – Enjoy hope for the future'. Please make this your prayer today for this vital ministry in a nation that still carries the scars from Pol Pot's brutal regime that ended 43 years ago. Be encouraged by the testimony of an 84-year-old woman who came to faith late in life: “For generations my family were Buddhists. But throughout my life, I couldn’t find hope and love. Then God used my children to bring Christian radio to me; I listen every day. God healed my heart. I love Jesus. I believe that after I leave this earth, I will be with Him in heaven.”

Thank you for your invaluable prayer support for Feba’s ministry.