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WEEK TWO – The Shepherds & Feba’s Nomad Project

This week we will be hearing voices of joy in the Shepherds’ encounter with God when they are visited by the angel. We will also hear how Feba’s partner in Northeast Africa, the Nomad Project, is sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the Nomad people.  

The following testimony is from one of our partners at the Nomad Project,who is also a member of the Nomad people. You may have read some of the story of this influential Mullah in our Kingdom Voices booklet. We invite you now to listen to more of his testimony and discover how our partner’s life has been radically transformed by hearing Jesus’ gospel message.  

You can download the Kingdom Voices booklet here.  

Listen to Hassan’s* story of transformation: 

For reasons of security, a member of the Feba UK team reads this on our partner’s behalf. 


The  Nomad Project   – Hassan experiences God’s voice of joy  

I am of the Nomad* people. “To be Nomad* is to be Muslim.” This I believed. In my zeal for God, I often spoke against the followers of Jesus. As an expert in the Koran, I tried to use it to refute their claims. But they kept on teaching about the love of God in Jesus Christ. I studied their book also, in order to show them the foolishness of their beliefs. I would use their own book against them, I thought. But the more I read, the more I began to see the truth. Finally, God broke into my darkness through a dream, and I knew I must follow Jesus. 

I turned loose of my own efforts and found forgiveness trusting only in the Messiah. Suddenly I was free from my sin, free from self-reliance. I was free from the burden of the Law, free from empty religion. I realised all God’s promises to us are true and are fulfilled in Jesus! Joy filled my soul – a joy that could not be contained. This joy compelled me to tell others about him. I was careful how I shared. There were many who would try to squash my newfound faith. But share I must. And as I did, others believed. They too were soon overcome with the joy of knowing the God who always keeps His promises. Though we were all maligned, threatened and at times imprisoned, we kept sharing the good news. Those who believed our message shared the news with others. When they believed they shared with still others. Today the message of God’s faithfulness in Jesus has reached many and continues to reach more every day.  

Those who believed had been forever changed. Liars became men of truth. Those who practised revenge-killing became forgivers, sewing peace among enemies. The brutal became gentle. The unfaithful became faithful. Those who practised magic turned their backs on it. When these things happened, the joy could not be contained! The evidence of changed lives and newfound joy brought spouses, children and friends to faith in Christ. 

My ministry has always been that of testifying to the Truth. As I have grown in knowledge of God’s Word, I have had the constant joy of seeing God bring passages of Scripture to my mind whenever they are needed. At just the right time God gives me the words from His Word which meet the needs of those I speak with. All I have needed to do God’s will, He has provided. Before I trusted in Christ, I was very religious, doing my duty before God. But in Christ I am not doing my duty! I am sharing the joy God has given me. I have been persecuted, imprisoned, and slandered for the sake of Christ. But these things are not burdensome to me. They are shameful for those who do them. I, however, am dearly loved by God! Ministry is not a requirement God lays upon us. It is the privilege of joining God in His work. As Christ suffered, so do we. As He looked to “the joy set before Him”, so do we.

God has brought many to faith and joy in Christ. I look forward to all He is about to do. What joy, to be a part of God’s great salvation work! 

Lord Jesus, thank you for the work of the  Nomad Project  and that the Nomad people are hearing your voice of joy. Amen 

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The Nomad Project

Feba's partner in Northeast Africa broadcasts a daily radio programme on shortwave and via SD cards sharing news, health advice and the gospel.