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WEEK FOUR – The Magi & Feba’s Yemen Project

Thank you for joining us for the final week in our Kingdom Voices resource where we are focusing on voices of hope.  

This week we are discovering the voices of hope in the Magi’s encounter with God on their journey to meet Jesus. At the same time, we will be seeing how Feba’s partner, the Yemen Project,  is sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the Yemeni people.  

The following testimony is from one of our Yemeni partners at the Yemen Project. You may have read some of this ministry leader’s testimony in our Kingdom Voices booklet. Now you can hear more; listen and hear how God’s voice of hope impacts our partner’s ministry. 

You can download the Kingdom Voices booklet here.  

Listen to Sam’s testimony about God’s voice of hope!  

For reasons of security, a member of the Feba UK team reads this on our partner’s behalf. 

The Yemen  Project  –  God’s voice of  hope 

Hi everyone, my name is Sam. I'm from Yemen. I'm a part of the media team for Yemen partnered together with Feba.  

Well, what I can see in the Bible verses that we read, as I can see it in my life, I needed to travel to different places and to move even where I live because of problems with other people, and I can see from our brothers, our sisters in Yemen they move from place to place; families split and spread over many places because of their faith and the fight and the persecution they had from the closest people from the society, from the hard groups. And I can see even if it's hard and it's tough for them, but there are many people who have really understood the hand of God and the blessing of God in their life, through this change, moving because of their faith to save themselves and to keep their faith inside them.  

And the voice of hope, it's just this what we need in Yemen. We need light of hope you know? And that has been really the key. People, they don't trust anything. They lost trust for themselves, for their faith, what they believe, and they really needed a hope, a voice of hope to come and lift them up, and that's what we're trying to do and to build in with the local church. 

And my dream and hope and prayers for my people and I think all the team and also Feba, we need to see the transformation in people really they can really find their self, they can find the value what God put in them so they can stand up and be part of what God is changing and to have their reward for stopping the war and to be open for God's changing them and to see the new generation really have hope for the future and to see the freedom in Yemen.  

In one of our prayers, I can really see God is really listening. I was praying for one young brother who is only 11 years and he came to Christ through our ministry, and he has been praying for his family, and praise God, just two days ago, I heard his father came to Christ, and that's really like his father is the key, you know, of the family, so this is one of our prayers.  

So, thank you so much, Feba, and all the supporters and partners. You are really part of what God is doing. Thank you, and God bless you. 

Lord Jesus, thank you for the work of the Yemen Project and that people in Yemen are hearing your voice of hope. Amen 

With your gifts we can increase our ministry across the world and see the impact of people hearing – and responding to – God's voice.  

Thank you for your support.  

The Yemen Project

Feba's partners in Yemen broadcast the gospel on daily shortwave programme as well as online content and via social media channels.