Earlier this year, and at just 5 years old, William took on a challenge that would see him run an incredible 50km in a month in support of Feba UK and our partners. Here’s his story.

"During lockdown at the start of 2021, we could see William was finding things extra tough. After months stuck at home, he was really missing school and seeing his friends”, William’s father, Rev Ben explained.

“It was then my wife, Morag, thought of giving William the challenge of running around Hove Park (roughly 1.8km) once a day for a month. As well as being good for his physical and mental health, we could see this would be a great way to use up the energy he'd normally spend charging around the school playground. To give him an added incentive, we suggested he could do this as a February challenge, and ask people to sponsor him to raise money to help others.

William jumped at the idea.”

We are so grateful to William and his family for choosing Feba.     

Rev. Ben went on to say, “with some encouragement and a reminder he was doing this to love and help others, William faithfully ran every day.

We are so proud of William for running over 50km during February. It is a long way for a five year-old, and even more so, given we often had to run with hats and gloves on! But we pray that the money raised will create an impact far beyond running around a park. And we also pray it will help William continue along a path of love and service for others, and the cause of the gospel."

Every run William completed and all donations received will support our partners to reach even more people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, as we build the Kingdom together.

From all of us at Feba UK: "Thank you William!"

Have you been inspired to take on a new challenge for Feba? Then please get in touch with us today!