The people of Ukraine are experiencing a dramatic and unprecedented escalation of the armed conflict that has been running since 2014. This is a country at war; people are seeking peace, hope and love.

Many Ukrainians have lived through a period of hardship in the past, including Christian suppression and persecution under the Soviet regime, but the current country-wide situation is truly dreadful. Our partners are sharing the uniquely good news of a loving God who is transforming lives, in an area not always welcoming of the gospel message.

We have put together a PowerPoint presentation with some background information and updates about how our ministry partners are responding. Please feel free to download and share this - perhaps with your congregation in a service, a prayer meeting or homegroup context.

Please click here for a PowerPoint presentation to share with your church

(Version 3, uploaded 17th March 2022)

Attacks across the country and the related evacuations since the war broke out on 24th February have had a direct impact on the team: several have relocated, and some have been separated from family members who have left the country. Despite these challenges, they continue to broadcast and reach out to listeners in this extraordinarily difficult time. As they follow up with terrified listeners through phone calls and messages using social media, the team are sharing scripture on air and offering hope in the midst of conflict. Many fearful hearts are melting and are opening to the love of Jesus.

As one broadcaster shares, “Human words aren’t working right now. We need God’s words."

Feba's partners across Africa, Asia and the Middle East know the power of radio and audio media to share God's love - even in times of conflict. Please pray today for the team in Ukraine as they reach out to those who desperately need hope right now.

For more general updates on the current situation - including several video clips from various team members, please click here to visit our dedicated Ukraine page. The page is presented in a journal format and will be refreshed as new content becomes available.

You might also like to see notes from a special Prayer Meeting held on 2nd March, at which team members from both Ukraine and Russia shared of their recent experiences and prayer requests - please click here to find out more.

Thank you so much for your partnership with Feba.