Table Mountain via your tablet (or laptop, or phone)!

As I prepare to fly to South Africa, I just wanted to share details of how you can track my progress live on Sunday as I make my way around the spectacular course - if you'd like to.

Whilst there isn't an event-specific dedicated app, the Cape Town Marathon will be using a platform called 'Ultimate LIVE'. It's fairly intuitive and easy to use via their website or the accompanying app. (Note: the full name is 'Ultimate Sport Service LIVE.)

To access their website, please click here. You then need to select the 'Search' tab found in the left hand column. The box labelled 'quick search' should be highlighted in a teal/blue colour, and the cursor will be blinking in an empty white box immediately beneath that. If you simply type 'Chambers' and then press 'Search' (on the right hand side of the page), my details should appear; I seem to be the only participant with the surname Chambers but - for the avoidance of doubt - my race number is 4819.

If you use an Apple device, then you can download the Ultimate LIVE app by clicking here.

For the Ultimate LIVE app on Android devices, please click here.

For reference, the icon for the Ultimate LIVE app looks like this:

Once in the app, please follow these steps:

1. At the top of the screen, select 'Results'

2. At the foot of the screen, select 'South Africa (RSA)'

3. From the events then listed, select 'Sanlam Cape Town Marathon'

N.B. Please note that the date shown in the app is currently wrong (should be 16th), and please also note that there is another event with a very similar name - you need the one without any reference to 'Peace and Trail Runs'

When you select the event (step 3 above), you will be taken to a page with a search function to locate participants by 'Name / Number'. You should then be able to find me by entering 'Chambers' or '4819'.

For convenience, the website and app both have a 'Favourite' facility which enables you to store details of any participants you want to track - saving you from having to search afresh if you leave and revisit the platform sometime later. You'll see a '+' plus sign to add a favourite, which will then be denoted by a star.

I have been assigned to 'Wave D1' which means that I should be setting off at about 06.30am SA time (05.30am UK time). Who knows what will happen after that...

Many thanks once again for your interest and support - I am very grateful to you. We're getting there!

I would appreciate your prayers for health, strength and stamina on Sunday please. My left leg is not right and I'm not sure how much of the race I'll be able to run properly; I am fairly confident I'll get round the course somehow, but would like to be able to give it a decent go and run as much as possible. The forecast looks as though it will be quite warm too, so I'm keen not to hang around in the heat of the day as it will become increasingly draining. Looking forward to it nonetheless! :)

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