Feba CEO Bob Chambers reflects on recent events and the ministry of Feba being a "practical expression of love and grace".

As I write this, I confess that my head is buzzing with various issues following my Mum’s recent death. There is something strikingly binary about life and death: when confronted with the loss of a loved one, one cannot avoid the closure that death represents.

There is also, however, a release from pain and suffering, and for Christians the promise of a place ‘better by far’ (Phil. 1:23).

23 I am torn between the two: I desire to depart and be with Christ,which is better by far;

Philippians 1:23, NIV 

Part of what it means to love is surely that we long for the very best possible for another. Caring for someone who is terminally ill is certainly not futile, even though we know that the eternal security of being in Christ is all that will endure.

Similarly, in Feba’s ministry, producing programme content on issues such as health, gender equality, education and employment matters is not wasted effort but a practical expression of love and grace, seeking to bring transformation in the here and now, alongside our efforts to inspire people to follow Jesus.

We have genuine concern for the whole person and respect for their particular circumstances, but we do believe that there is something unique and eternal about one’s relationship with Jesus at the heart of the Christian gospel message.

we have a longing to see radio and other audio media being used creatively to inspire people to follow Christ

I was encouraged by feedback I received from colleagues following a visit to Radio Wimbe; the exploration of how the ‘Discovery Bible Studies’ model can be used with radio sounds exciting. We’re also continuing to develop a new project in North East Africa, working through an established partner but with a new target audience in a very difficult context.

There are great opportunities on the horizon too, not least through our relationship with the FEBC International community. In all that we do as Feba, we have a longing to see radio and other audio media being used creatively to inspire people to follow Christ, and bring lasting transformation to the lives of individuals and communities.

Please pray with me as we seek to share his love with listeners across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Thank you.

Bob Chambers Chief Executive Feba Radio UK