Transmitting informative content on issues such as health, anti-trafficking, women's rights and the importance of girl's education, the radio made by the Women's Intiative Project can be life-changing.  

With low levels of female literacy, social and geographical isolation and high radio listenership, radio is ideally placed to reach women in their homes, in the fields or at work.  These programmes are vital to the wellbeing of women facing hardship due to gender inequality in India.  

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Sunday morning worship, Delhi

Prayer Points

Women’s Initiative Project – North India

  • Please pray for the range of issues facing women living in rural areas of North India, especially the dangers of sex trafficking. Pray that the programmes would address these issues appropriately and effectively bringing hope and change to women.


  • Give thanks for a new local team producing programmes for women in Rajasthan. They are creating material in a local language which has resulted in an increase in responses from listeners. Please pray that these programmes will have a lasting impact in women’s lives.


  • Give thanks for Feba's partner in India and pray for wisdom as they develop the Women’s Initiative project particularly in Delhi.


  • Thank God for Indian government initiatives and other agencies working to help and support women. Pray that women would be informed about the help available and that they would be able to access it easily. Pray too for increasing collaboration and networking as agencies work together to bring transformation.


  • Please pray for face-to-face conversations between project workers and listeners. It can be difficult to speak to some listeners, for example those working in the red light district who are often not allowed to speak to outsiders.

Find out more about the Women's Intiative Project in our blog, Sharing God's love through radio.  

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