Across Northern Mali, Feba partner, Radio Tahanint is reaching thousands of people with the Good News.

Today, the Lord is doing a new thing amongst those hardest to reach in Northern Mali. Radio Tahanint, has successfully launched new radio broadcasts that are taking the good news of Jesus where no missionaries can go. 

We praise God that ten local FM stations in Northern Mali are already broadcasting Radio Tahanint’s programmes on a regular basis.

For several years Radio Tahanint, overseen by Amadou*, has been sharing the gospel and impacting lives in Central Mali. But a unique opportunity arose this year to produce radio programmes that would reach people living in Northern Mali. An area closed to the gospel until now. After much prayer and reflection, Amadou and his team seized this exciting opportunity. In April 2021, following a small pilot, they started to produce new programmes in four local languages and are paying local FM community stations in the north to air them.

Communities in Northern Mali are hearing the gospel for the very first time.

But Amadou has plans to broadcast through 20 stations in order to reach an even greater number of people. This is particularly important as many of the villages that are being reached by Radio Tahanint’s broadcasts are controlled by Muslim militias who preach and impose a strict Islamic rule.

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Several local pastors are involved in this new project too, following up with listeners by responding to their questions and engaging in conversations about faith. Although difficult in such a volatile region, those, like Pastor S are finding great encouragement as they see God work through the radio programmes broadcast across the region. He shared:

We are receiving a lot of calls from listeners asking for advice or for recordings of the programmes so they can listen again.

We would like to broadcast more evangelical messages on local radio stations so that everyone can hear the gospel. We give thanks to God for Feba UK for this opportunity to partner together.

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* For the sake of security, some of the real names of people, projects or images have been changed or omitted.