The tough nuts in the Telesales team at Bidvest Foodservice will be wading through water, clambering up river banks, climbing over cargo nets and crawling through mud all in the name of charity - our charity - and are hoping to raise £1,000 to support life-giving media. 

A fun run not for the fainthearted, The Nuts Challenge is an obstacle course with a's a race with difficulty measured on "the nuttie scale" with participants lovingly referred to as "Nutters".  

(Ed: we're not being mean, that's the event's nutty description not ours!)   

Some might think you might need to be one peanut short of a full Snickers bar to take on The Nuts Challenge, as there are some seriously muddy pics from previous events...  

and what about this?!

The currently less muddy Telesales team from Bidvest's Worthing depot are gearing up and getting sponsored to take on the 7k challenge this Saturday 3rd September. 

The team of eight fearless ladies consists of Luan Topham-Brown, Melissa Elliot, Toni Nally, Rachel Sharpe, Kia Prentice, Gemma Walsh and Heide Barnes who are all part of Bidvest's Telesales team (with honourary member Catherine Topham joining the Bidvest crew for the day).

we think it will be hard but supporting each other will get us through and the most important thing will be to have fun with it.

Team member and Nuts Challenge veteran, Heide Barnes will be taking on the event for the third time, however the rest of the group are newbies to the race which includes obstacles called "The Commando Assault" "The Bunker" and the slightly worryingly titled, "Kamikaze".  

  [Three participants celebrate surviving last year's course]

Telesales Manager, Luan Topham-Brown said the team was equally "excited and nervous" about the event and as they have different ages and levels of fitness in the team they'd be competing as part of a group to help each other along the way.  The office-based team are trying to make time to improve their fitness levels and said: "we think it will be hard but supporting each other will get us through and the most important thing will be to have fun with it."

Based in the same business park as Feba's UK office, the Worthing depot has supported other local charities like the Worthing Churches Homeless Projects and the Salvation Army, but wasn't aware of Feba:

"We hadn’t heard of Feba before but in January we were told that you were at the end of our road. I had a look on your website and Facebook page and as well as being a Christian myself I was very interested in what you reminded me of the war days my Grandparents talked about when all information came from gathering around the radio.  The work you do is amazing; information gives the person the power to help themselves, whether it’s a natural disaster, a country at war, being a refugee, you are there with the information to save lives."

We are thrilled to be supported by this fantastic bag of mixed nuts (teehee) and all of us here are sending a massive "good luck" and huge "thank you" to these wonderful women who are braving mud, water and other obstacles in support of Feba.    

Have a fantastic day and "Go nuts" ladies! 

Go to the team's Just Giving page to sponsor them and leave a message of support.