Our RadioCan collection tins have had a fantastic make-over thanks to a Feba supporter who felt led to launch a "mini-can" version at her church.  

Mary Baker, who attends The Haven Christian Centre, a Local Ecumenical Partnership church in Derby, felt inspired to adapt our larger "can kit" labels [order yours here] to fit smaller sized baked bean tins, making a "mini can" available to collect your small change.  

Mary's "mini-cans"

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

A few snips and the larger labels are easily converted by:

  1. cut a 4 cm strip off the top of the label
  2. cut a 1 cm strip off the bottom of the label
  3. stick the label on a smaller sized can 

A mini can filled with just 1p or 2p pieces (or a mix of both) amounts to £2 in value, when full.  A mini can filled with 5p pieces holds just over £10 in value with higher denomination coins quickly adding up to a lot more. 

Not only did Mary feel led to adapt and bring Radio Cans to The Haven, she also spoke at a service earlier this year to launch the new cans.

Initially nervous at delivering a talk about Feba's mission, Mary (2nd left in banner picture) rose to the challenge and read a story from our supporter magazine; about radio as a healing force for a young boy and his grandma living in a troubled area of the Middle East.  Both the boy and his grandma have subsequently come to faith.   

I was feeling apprehensive about speaking in front of the church but felt God's peace once I got started and the words seemed to flow. 

When corresponding with our staff about her innovation, Mary wryly noted that her husband was being very supportive by eating as many "beans on toast" as he could (fortunately it's his favourite lunch!).  So not only do we thank Mary for her ingenuity and support, but commend her husband for being so full of beans!  

As always we continue to be amazed by the generosity, creativity and calling of our supporters. We are so grateful to Mary for promoting the new look cans and speaking about Feba.  

Mary's top tip: nominate one person to collect and process all the coins for sending in at the same time.  You can pay in the total here.

Like Mary, we are really pleased with the launch and mini can results, and she tells us the smaller cans seem to appeal to people - several got taken as soon as these photos were taken!  

Inspiration does not often come in isolation

Not only did God give Mary the right words to say at Church and "carried this seed of an idea forward" but Mary was keen to credit her friend Fay (second left in the group photo) as someone key to Mary's interest in mission, saying it was "Fay's enthusiasm and commitment to mission that has inspired folk at The Haven to respond to the projects we support".  

So a massive heartfelt thank you to Mary, and also to Fay and everyone at The Haven too!  

Has your church embarked on exciting pursuits in support of Feba?  Have we been your "Mission of the Month"? Get in touch and let us know! 

*Group photo from left to right:  Mary Rawson, Fay Cameron, Enid Silversides, Juanita Scott, Tom Tanner, Lisa Soutar, Stephen Yates, Kathleen Letford. 

Find out more: What is RadioCan?

Bringing Change using Radio

Feba's RadioCan campaign offers resources to churches, prayer and community groups, youth associations and individuals in order to explore the power of radio for transformation.  

Included in the resources is a "can kit" which provides the materials to recycle a tin can and make a collection tin for fundraising.  With your donations our projects are able to bring life-giving media for transformation across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 

Order your can kit here and watch this 60 second video for an idea of what to do when it arrives!