May bank holiday was a weekend of sun, celebration, fantastic music, festivities, worship....and beans?

The Feba fundraising team joined over 25,000 other Christians at Wiston House for the Big Church Day Out last weekend.  

Armed with over 100 tins of baked beans, the team were tasked with raising awareness of Feba's work and distributing the cans as part of our "Radio Can..." campaign.  

Our can kits are an easy way to transform an ordinary tin of beans into a charity collection tin, and the team had a great weekend chatting to festival-goers about Feba's work and enjoying a weekend of fun and worship.      

SEE: What is Radio Can?

RadioCan aims to bring change through using the power of radio – short wave, medium wave, FM, community and internet radio.  

If you still don't quite understand what we're up to with beans and collection tins, have a peek at our video below and find out in 60 seconds:  

Consisting of our CEO Bob Chambers, and fundraisers Carole, Esther, Katy and Tim the team had some great conversations with supporters old and new.  We had scores of people taking away our church resources and signing up to support our campaign.  We also met a supporter who took a can away last year, and brought it back filled up this year; really excellent commitment and fantastic to see him make use of his Radio Can.  Thank you so much!  

If we met you at BCDO we hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did, and a huge thank you to those who signed up.  Was lovely to meet people interested in supporting life-giving media and great to chat to to people during the event.  Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement!  

Forgot to grab a can at the event? Order one here.