Only a few weeks ago we were saying ‘Happy New Year’ with an air of relative optimism, and yet recent events have been fairly turbulent by any measure: our government and monarchy have been in the news for reasons that are far less than ‘happy’, and even the sports pages have not escaped from scandal. How are we to respond?

I suspect there are few who honestly believe that any of our leaders are flawless, or that high profile sportsmen or women - so often admired - are without fault. International affairs are frequently cause for concern, with various regional and even global tensions simmering. Somehow, though, that doesn’t always make it much easier to accept when we hear how things have gone wrong. We perhaps cling (vainly) to the hope that ‘Maybe things aren’t quite so bad…’ whilst deep down grieving the fact that so much of what we see and hear disturbs us greatly.

The Bible teaches us clearly that the best endeavours of men and women will inevitably fall short. It is of course true that those in positions of authority carry a special weight of responsibility and should be ready to account for their actions; that will ultimately involve God’s perfect judgement, which we will all face in time. We must remember, humbly and with repentant hearts, that we all fall short (Romans 3:23).

Thankfully, the story doesn’t end there. The very next verse gives tremendous hope for those who believe (Romans 3:24). Where are we to find security in the fiercest storms of life? In the Saviour’s love! God’s grace is beyond compare; His was of course the perfect sacrifice. That is a unique message of good news for all people, which is why Feba’s mission is to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.

I am reminded of a favourite song – a contemporary arrangement (by Phil Moore and Colin Webster) of a classic hymn. It draws on the words of Hebrews 6:19 in which we read of the hope we have before us as ' anchor for the soul, firm and secure.' Jesus has gone before us and He is utterly dependable. I pray that this song would be an encouragement and comfort to you in these days:

'We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.'

Hebrew 6:19

A prayer:

'Heavenly father,

when I see and hear things that grieve me

- things that I find disturbing, disorientating, alien;

when I wonder 'How can this be'?;

draw me close, I pray.

Help me to lift my gaze from my concerns

- to look up from that which can so easily consume,

and instead to fix my eyes on our Lord Jesus.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, that I can turn to you as my solid rock;

that I can depend on you as my anchor that holds fast in the storm

and will never fail.


First published 27th January 2022

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