“I want to know more about Jesus, but my Christian friends are afraid to tell me.” Amr*, Egypt

Maryam’s* heart gave a little leap when Amr asked her – it’s what she hopes all her listeners will do.

Reaching out into people’s homes and hearts

Maryam’s a broadcaster for Voice of Egypt, reaching out into people’s homes and hearts with Jesus’ message of good news. Like all our partners, she prays that their radio programmes will inspire listeners to follow Him and invites them to get in touch with any questions. Broadcasts reach into people’s homes and hearts, but every partner has a follow-up team – a vital part of the team ready to help lead listeners to Jesus. In addition to her broadcasting work, Maryam is also a ‘first responder’, connecting with listeners over social media.

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Follow-up work can be dangerous

In places like Egypt, Central Asia, India and Northeast Africa, telling people about Jesus is - at best - socially unacceptable, and - at worst - has unthinkable consequences. Maryam and her team will proceed with caution, praying for God’s wisdom and protection, asking that each person they speak to will know Jesus. If someone wants to go deeper, she will hand over to one of 40 other volunteers who will take the risk of getting to know the person better and hopefully eventually meet them in person.

Sadly, there aren’t as many follow-up workers as there are listeners seeking Jesus.

The Voice of Egypt team uses a board of ‘sticky notes’ to keep track of where their listeners are on a journey of faith, moving towards accepting Jesus and being baptised. Currently, they’re having conversations with about 80 people, either face-toface or online. But this team of young volunteers is stretched, with members recently being called up to the army, moving away to study or getting married. 

They urgently need more help.

Amr told Maryam, “‘I like your name.’ So, I asked him, ‘Do you know Mary?’ He said, ‘Yes, I know her from our book’. I asked him if he knew the story in the Bible. He said, ‘No, and I want to know more, but my Christian friends are afraid to tell me.’” So, Maryam began to read the Bible with him. 

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*Name changed for security reasons.