One of the many joys of partnering with others to do God's work in hard-to-reach places is hearing stories from people who are serving so faithfully and selflessly. Even in the most challenging circumstances, our partners share moments of wonder where God is moving, and hearts are turning to Him. This is particularly true in countries like Iraq, where Christians are very much in the minority.


Doors of opportunity opening at Iraq FM

Feba partners with an FM community radio station in Iraq called Iraq FM. The station broadcasts in Arabic and has the potential to reach many thousands of listeners. Since 2009, the team has been patiently working on their programming and follow-up strategy, bringing the good news of Jesus to the region. Nothing has been easy for them, especially with the challenges of broadcasting in a country which is coming out of conflict. After years of struggle to obtain permits and set up the station, the team is excited to see their efforts beginning to bear fruit. They are now hoping to form a local NGO, which will enable them to establish local governance with the potential to receive support and raise funds locally.

As a community radio station, the broadcasts are thoughtfully produced and connect with a wide range of issues facing the local population. Examples include discussions on the frustrations caused by taxis overcharging their passengers, infrequent rubbish collections, police corruption, and potholes that never get fixed.

The team build relationships with listeners as they engage on these important local topics as well subjects closer to home. A specialist programme on marriage, Sweet and Bitter, invites guests into the studio to chat about how to recognise and resolve marital issues from a biblical perspective.

Celebrating Iraq's rich history on air

As with many local radio stations around the world, Iraq FM focuses on the history and culture of the region. Originally part of Mesopotamia, and having spent two centuries under Persian rule, Iraq is known for its many remains of classical antiquity, some of which have survived recent conflicts. Art, poetry and music have always been a rich tradition in Iraq and there are several very successful programmes on Iraq FM which cover these topics and encourage open questions. Regular news bulletins, including on air discussions and a magazine programme on sports reach out to many thousands of listeners.

Abou Ali's powerful testimony

Salaam, the station manager, has a vision to plant repeater stations around the country and to open another station to reach an even greater number of listeners. In the meantime, he and his team have been hugely encouraged by the story of a male listener, Abou Ali, who recently got in touch.

“I accepted Christ through the radio. I am teaching my sons and daughters to read the Bible, but there was a problem with my eldest son who was complaining about this and criticising me constantly because of my new faith as I tried to teach my daughter. I decided to take the Bible out of the house. But I was surprised when my son said, ‘Do not take the Bible away. I am opposing you and I don’t believe in any of it, but I want you to keep it in our home.’ I realised that the Bible is impacting on my entire family.”

Salaam has introduced Abou Ali to the New Testament church where he is being pastored. He attends church meetings regularly and the team is supporting him in his new walk. They are enormously encouraged by this wonderful story and confident that the programmes they broadcast refuting the myths about the Christian faith, teaching on the book of Proverbs, as well as the afternoon Bible programmes put out by a local pastor are bearing fruit. Prayers for their safety and for the continued progression of the ministry would be a great blessing to them as they faithfully serve in Iraq.

Please pray:

  • For the team at Iraq FM as they wait patiently for the authorities to decide if they can establish a local NGO which could enlarge their ministry and enable the station to have an even greater impact in local communities.
  • For the producers who are constantly looking for ways to engage with listeners and be creative in sharing the good news of Jesus.
  • For listener, Abou Ali and his family. Pray that Abou's witness, supported by Iraq FM, will continue to speak to his eldest son and other relatives and neighbours who might be hearing about Jesus for the very first time.