This week in prayer

NOVEMBER 15th - 21st

Gaweylon broadcasts to Tibetan listeners in India, Nepal, Bhutan as well as Tibet, combining educational and health-based programming with gospel material. The station celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

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SUNDAY 15th November

Praise God for Gaweylon’s 25 years of ministry, and for the numerous lives the station has touched in that time. Pray that the various celebration events will go well, and encourage listeners as a result.

MONDAY 16th November

Give thanks for the workshop for producers and technical staff which took place at Gaweylon’s base in August. About 25 staff from Gaweylon’s partners, representing eight language groups, participated in the workshop and learned important skills.

TUESDAY 17th November

Pray that those who attended the training will use their improved skills to engage with listeners more meaningfully and present the good news in a compelling way.

WEDNESDAY 18th November

Pray that the station will find two Tibetan Christians to join the team, to do translation and follow-up work. There are very few Tibetan Christians, making it difficult to find people who can fill these roles. Pray for the right people to come forward.

THURSDAY 19th November

Give thanks for the encouraging feedback Gaweylon have recently received from listeners in India, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. These listeners are responding very warmly to the station’s Christian message and asking important spiritual questions.

FRIDAY 20th November

Please pray for our partner’s health programming. Pray that their broadcasts will continue to reach remote communities and have an impact on these communities’ health and wellbeing.

SATURDAY 21st November

Pray for Tibetan diaspora communities. Ask that the message of good news in Gaweylon’s broadcasts will encourage listeners and help to bring a positive change in communities and individual lives.