Feba UK is blessed to be in partnership with many different organisations and individuals for both ministry and support, including our sister organisation FEBC. Our staff provide information about projects to individuals, churches and grant-making trusts, and process financial support.

SUNDAY 27th January

Give thanks for the individuals and organisations that Feba partners with. Pray for our relationships with them, for clear communication, and productive and harmonious working together.

MONDAY 28th January

Give thanks for 60 years of ministry! Feba UK celebrates its Diamond Anniversary this year and we are so thankful for God’s provision, guidance and enabling through the years. Give thanks too, for the many people who have worked for and supported the ministry.

TUESDAY 29th January

Please pray for everyone involved in the sale of our office building in Worthing. Give thanks for this building that has been ‘home’ to the Feba UK ministry for many years, and pray for the process of selling it to progress.

WEDNESDAY 30th January

The FEBC International Association includes all the individual FEBC and Feba offices – both ministry and support offices. Please pray for their local leadership – directors and boards – and their shared working as an Association.

THURSDAY 31st January

Please continue to pray for the team at Feba UK, who are stretched because of not being fully staffed. Pray that the process of recruiting would lead to successful appointments.