North East Africa is a challenging region in so many ways. Feba UK partners in a variety of media projects in which programmes are produced to address the physical, social and spiritual issues for audiences in remote communities, living in restrictive environments as well as those facing challenging life situations.

SUNDAY 13th January

There have been ethnic conflicts in an area of North East Africa and many listeners have lost their properties and some have lost their lives. Please pray that God would intervene in this situation, bringing peace and security.

MONDAY 14th January

A woman divorced her husband and left the country to look for work. In her new place she heard our partners’ radio programmes, changed her life and regretted her divorce. Her husband, in NE Africa, heard the radio programmes and, after some discussion, came to faith. Through the programme producer, these two have now been reconciled. Give thanks to God for this restoration and pray that their relationship will continue to develop.

TUESDAY 15th January

Give thanks for A Friend in the Wilderness programme which was launched last year on shortwave for a closed country in the area. It has been well received by listeners, with requests for the airtime to be increased. It is currently broadcast once a week for 30 minutes. Please pray that we will be able to extend the airtime.

WEDNESDAY 16th January

Give thanks that two people have joined the team to produce new programmes and follow up listeners on social media. Please pray that they would be able to secure a permanent work visa to continue their work beyond their current temporary arrangement.

THURSDAY 17th January

A listener called and said: “My wife used to love the Lord and never missed your programme. Sometimes, when I came from outside, I used to find her listening to your programme, I was angry at her. I joined the army and after serving there a few years I heard that my wife passed away. I cried and regretted but your radio programme comforted me and showed me a way of forgiveness and salvation.” Please pray for this listener, that he would be comforted in the midst of his grief and regret.    

FRIDAY 18th January

Please pray for Media Co-ordinator *Dawit, the programme producers and their families. As they work and travel in areas where there is conflict, please pray for God’s protection and that they would be light in the darkness.

SATURDAY 19th January

Give thanks for the 12 producers who participated in a week’s training on audio recording and editing. *Dawit says: “They were all so happy to get new knowledge that will improve the quality of audio that they will produce for MP3 players and for radio.” Give thanks for this opportunity and pray that the producers will be able to apply what they have learnt.