Feba UK partners in the Yemen Project supporting the production, broadcast and follow up of programmes. The broadcasts help listeners consider social and spiritual change, and bring practical advice as well as teaching about the Christian faith.

SUNDAY 17th February

Please pray for guidance for the programme producers as they identify new, relevant topics to cover in their programmes. Pray that the content they choose will be a help and encouragement to listeners.

MONDAY 18th February

Give thanks for the follow up team who are a diverse group of people working in different geographic locations. The stability and different perspectives that such a mixed group of people bring to the project is a real blessing.

TUESDAY 19th February

Please pray for the work of the follow up team as it can be difficult to meet together even online because of different time zones and issues with internet connections. Pray that these will be overcome and there would be good communication for co-ordinating their work together.

WEDNESDAY 20th February

Thank God for the continuous flow of people with spiritual thirst. They can contact the team with a vague interest or question that is hiding a much deeper longing for solid truth. Please pray for the team as they speak with listeners.

THURSDAY 21st February

The team are trying to introduce the programmes and materials to different groups of potential listeners. Please pray for them to find a good ‘way in’ to help address the different social and spiritual issues.

FRIDAY 22nd February

Please pray for wisdom for the team as they balance the programme content between ‘daily life’ issues and ‘deeper spiritual’ content. Pray that they would be able to minister to the whole person through the radio programmes.

SATURDAY 23rd February

As the conflict in Yemen continues, please pray that the leaders of Yemen will be willing to come together and find a compromise with each other to bring a peaceful resolution to this situation.