Feba UK partners in the Yemen Project supporting the production, broadcast and follow up of programmes. The broadcasts help listeners consider social and spiritual change, and bring practical advice as well as teaching about the Christian faith.

If your Prayer Focus notes are yet to arrive in the post, you can find the full month's materials available to download here.

SUNDAY 12th April 

Praise God on this Easter Sunday for wonderful news coming out of Yemen of many people finding Jesus and being discipled at this time. In a country that has been in a state of conflict since 2011, it is not well placed to respond to Covid-19. We give thanks for those turning to you and pray that particularly during this difficult time that peace may be possible in Yemen.

MONDAY 13th April 

Where possible, people are staying indoors during this coronavirus outbreak, and many are tuning into Feba’s partners broadcasts for the first time. Please pray for those involved in producing a new series featuring a Yemeni family that centres around them reading the Bible together and discussing the content. Pray for the mother and her two children appearing in the programme and ask God to protect them and fill them with boldness and encouragement as they share His word.

TUESDAY 14th April 

Pray that young families will be inspired to listen and relate easily to these new programmes. Also, please pray for the social media campaign that is promoting the programmes on Facebook. May the audience and reach of the gospel increase significantly as a result of this groundbreaking initiative.

WEDNESDAY 15th April 

The team is working with Yemeni leaders to identify the needs of the fledgling church. Please pray for God’s guidance as they identify subjects to study that will give Yemeni believers a deeper theological understanding. Pray that from this a good number of strong new leaders will emerge.

THURSDAY 16th April 

Please pray for those engaged in follow up work in Yemen. Team members are often faced with harassment, negative comments and even threats. Pray they will not become discouraged, but will continue to respond to callers with love, compassion and great wisdom.

FRIDAY 17th April

Today we ask you to pray for the general situation in Yemen. As the war continues, 30.5 million Yemenis struggle to survive amid food insecurity and the ongoing cholera outbreak. It is estimated that 79% of Yemeni children have suffered psychological trauma because of the war. Please pray that Jesus, the Prince of Peace, will reign over Yemen and He will minister to the vulnerable children and heal the emotional trauma of war.

SATURDAY 18th April 

The power supply in Yemen is sporadic which means the internet connection is often unreliable. As this impacts every aspect of the ministry, please pray that the good news of Jesus can be broadcast without interruption and heard clearly over the airwaves and via the internet in this time of great need.