Through their online broadcasts and listener engagement *Voice of Egypt speaks about everyday issues as well as matters of faith with urban young people from a range of religious and political backgrounds, promoting community cohesion and understanding.

SUNDAY 25th November

Give thanks for the online opportunities to engage with listeners via social media, the website and mobile apps. Please pray for a good and reliable internet connection and that the team would be encouraged by listeners responding to what they hear by calling, texting or posting online.

MONDAY 26th November

Give thanks for the production team who are all volunteers and need some new people to join them. They are considering running some training and then selecting some of the trainees to join them depending on their ability and availability. Please pray that they would find the right people to grow their team.

TUESDAY 27th November

Please pray for *M, a listener to *Voice of Egypt, who feels a need for someone who understands them. *M misses the feeling of being appreciated. Please pray for someone to come alongside *M.

WEDNESDAY 28th November

The team produce a variety of programmes including sport, current affairs, relationships and faith. Please pray for them as they are planning now for some new programmes to be added to their schedule. Pray that the programmes would be engaging and that the audience would continue to grow.

THURSDAY 29th November

Some online listeners who contact the station choose to enter into private conversations with team members because they want to explore questions about faith, Jesus and the story of salvation. Please pray for the team members, that they will form deep, authentic connections with listeners.

FRIDAY 30th November

Give thanks that the number of listeners is growing. Young people in Egypt form a large percentage of the population and *Voice of Egypt provides a place to discuss their ideas and opinions in a positive way, interacting well with those who think differently to them. Pray for the team as they work for peace and understanding through their ministry.