Through online broadcasts and listener engagement *Voice of Egypt speaks about everyday issues as well as matters of faith with urban young people from a range of religious and political backgrounds, promoting community cohesion and understanding.

SUNDAY 18th August

Please pray for all of their listeners, that the Lord makes them hungry to search for the truth and to search for Christ.

MONDAY 19th August

Please pray that the Lord makes each team member’s heart burn for their listeners and to share with them the message of life, the message of Christ.

TUESDAY 20th August

Please ask God to give one of the female members of the team wisdom in her decisions, and for another who is having some problems in his work. Please ask God to help him overcome any challenges he is facing and that the problems are resolved.

WEDNESDAY 21st August

Please pray that every team member who is following up with listeners is able to share the good news with each of them, and please say a special prayer for one particular listener, that the Lord will light his heart more and more.

THURSDAY 22nd August

A listener and her friend need God’s comfort and peace because her friend's mum passed away. Please pray that the Lord strengthens them and uses what happened for His glory so that their hearts are ready to know Him.

FRIDAY 23rd August

Please pray for one listener who is blind, which makes his life very difficult. Please ask God to provide him with the support he needs that will make his life easier.

SATURDAY 24th August

Some new members of the team are beginning to choose topics and start writing scripts for programmes, please ask God to guide them as they plan and prepare.