Through online broadcasts and listener engagement, *Voice of Egypt speaks about everyday issues - as well as matters of faith - with urban young people from a range of religious and political backgrounds, promoting community cohesion and understanding.

MONDAY 1st April

*Voice of Egypt provides a way for people to discuss their varied ideas and opinions in a positive way, particularly young people (who form a large percentage of the population). Please pray for the team as they work for peace and understanding through their ministry.

TUESDAY 2nd April

Please thank God for several listeners who the team have followed up with individually and who have received the message of Christ. Please pray that their faith in Jesus grows.


One of our listeners says he has seen evil spirits and fears them. One of the team contacted him and told him about the protection of the blood of Christ. Please pray for his protection.

THURSDAY 4th April

One of our regular listeners stopped calling for a long time. One of the team wished him ‘Happy Birthday’. This surprised him because he thought no one will remember him. He called again that day and has resumed calling. Please pray that he continues to call and share, and that the message of Christ reaches him.

FRIDAY 5th April

Please pray that new people will be added to the team and that the team will be encouraged and strengthened in their work.

SATURDAY 6th April

Some believers (outside of the team) call in to the station and share effective Christian points of view with listeners. Please thank God for them and pray that they continue to give their support.