FEBC Ukraine seeks to communicate the Good News by using media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ, through using multiple platforms including websites, social media and independent radio stations as well as their own seven radio stations in country. You can meet the team in several short videos from a recent visit by our CEO, Bob Chambers - watch them on our Feba UK Facebook page.

SUNDAY 7th April

FEBC Ukraine began broadcasting from a new tower in Eastern Ukraine, from a town of Girnyk. This is helping to reach additional 300,000 additional potential listeners, many of who are living in the rebel-controlled territories, where the church is under severe persecution. Please pray that many listeners will come to know the Lord. Here's a simple video of the tower: https://www.facebook.com/FEBCRM/videos/335451313985287/

MONDAY 8th April

Please pray for FEBC Ukraine's three broadcasters who are beginning new projects: two-hour long evening "live" programs with important interviews, serious subjects, and dynamic presentation. Olesya is doing it from Eastern Ukraine, Eugene and Max from Kiev. Pray that many will be inspired to follow Jesus as a result.

TUESDAY 9th April

In May 2019, FEBC Ukraine will be focusing on three major cities of Ukraine, promoting its online broadcasts there, Kiev, Dnipro, and Kharkiv, with a combined population of more than 7 million people. Pray that many will become regular listeners.

WEDNESDAY 10th April

Please cover with prayers FEBC Ukraine's leadership team: Victor, Eduard, and Maxim. Please pray for wisdom and strength as they handle a heavy load of responsibilities as well as for their families as each travels extensively.

THURSDAY 11th April

Ukraine's presidential elections will be handled in two rounds: the first vote was held on 31st March and the second is due to take place on 21st April. Please pray for peaceful elections, and for wise government for the people of Ukraine.

FRIDAY 12th April

Please pray for FEBC Ukraine's programs that promote adoption and foster care. The focus is on educating and inspiring the listeners, practitioners speak regularly, sharing their experience. Regular guests include some of the pioneers of the adoption movement in Ukraine.

SATURDAY 13th April

Please pray for Vitaliy, FEBC Ukraine's new project manager in Odessa. He's organizing a small local studio there, and is promoting our station in Odessa. Odessa is a unique city with its own culture, This (third-largest) city in Ukraine is located on the Black Sea. Pray that the local broadcasts will help us build a sizeable audience in Odessa.