FEBC-Ukraine seeks to communicate the Good News by media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ, through using multiple platforms including websites, social media, independent radio stations as well as their own seven radio stations in country.

SUNDAY 6th January

FEBC-Ukraine is planning to dramatically increase the power of one of its transmitters in the east of the country. This will cover Donetsk, the largest city under rebel control, with a strong signal. Please pray that the government approves this development.

MONDAY 7th January

Pray for Ukrainian listeners who are serving in the army – the statistics for alcoholism, suicide and family breakdowns are staggering. Give thanks for the FEBC programmes that specifically address their needs and pray for those who are responding.

TUESDAY 8th January

A single mother living in a war-devastated town in Eastern Ukraine, writes: “I began listening to your radio station several months ago... As I listen, I sometimes get angry because I do not understand why God would allow such horrible things to happen to us… I cry to God for emotional and spiritual help and peace.” Please pray for listeners who are looking for answers, that God would give them peace.

WEDNESDAY 9th January

Please pray for listeners in the war zone in Eastern Ukraine - FEBC operates five stations in that region. Many people are suffering not only economically but also psychologically and spiritually. Pray that they will find comfort and strength through FEBC broadcasts.

THURSDAY 10th January

Please pray for FEBC-Ukraine’s volunteers, including pastors who regularly participate in the programmes as well as several broadcasters. Pray too, for FEBC’s partners, such as chaplains, who promote the programmes among the soldiers.

FRIDAY 11th January

Please pray for children in the war zone who are alone, forgotten and hopeless. Give thanks for the FEBC-Ukraine ministry which helps the most disadvantaged children and also promotes adoption and foster care.

SATURDAY 12th January

Please pray for the staff who are currently working in a small office space and for FEBC-Ukraine as it plans to purchase a larger building to house its growing ministry.