FEBC-Ukraine seeks to communicate the gospel by using media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ, through using multiple platforms including websites, social media and independent radio stations, as well as their own seven radio stations in country. You can meet the team in several short videos on our Feba UK Facebook page.

SUNDAY 14th July

FEBC-Ukraine’s desire is to touch the lives of four million Ukrainians by 2030: to have a dialogue with them and establish a relationship. Please pray for open hearts of listeners in Ukraine.

MONDAY 15th July

Please cover with prayers the follow-up workers in Ukraine who are always open to communicate with listeners. The team receives questions and testimonies from listeners through various channels in Ukraine: the website, the app, phone calls, social media and even the personal social media of the broadcasters. These follow-up workers can communicate directly with listeners and have the opportunity to invite them to the evangelical church.

TUESDAY 16th July

The team in Ukraine builds relationships with local churches to invite listeners to them. One listener said: “My family is under a curse. Everybody is divorced. At night, I hear a voice telling me that God does not exist and I should kill myself. I listen to your programs and I am looking for a good church where I can get help. Please pray for me. I really need your help!” Please pray for this listener and also that each listener who begins to attend a church would be revived spiritually.


One of the Ukrainian broadcasters, Inna, whose programs are especially popular and who receives a lot of feedback from listeners, is starting a new programme. It is a breakfast show to be hosted in a cafe, because the team’s desire is to be even closer to the audience. Please pray for Inna and this new project to be well received by listeners.

THURSDAY 18th July

In a short space of time, the team in Ukraine has opened seven FM-stations with God's help. Please pray that the team’s influence in the FM-range expands and that many listeners will be inspired to follow Jesus as a result. Please pray also for these stations to become fully established, mature and stable in their ministry, with Christ as their Rock.

FRIDAY 19th July

FEBC-Ukraine is also developing on the Internet, thanks to the mobile application, the website and social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and YouTube. Please pray that the team receives even more feedback from listeners through these channels.

SATURDAY 20th July

There are a large number of listeners in the east of Ukraine, where the war continues. Please pray for peace and that the Ukrainian team brings hope to this troubled and unstable region, with God’s help.