Udaan is a daily radio programme produced and broadcast by Feba India in partnership with Feba UK. It seeks to provide information and help to rural young people in North India who often have limited access to services and opportunities, and face challenges particularly with education and employment. Find out more about Udaan.

SUNDAY 21st October

October is the start of the financial year, so please pray for the Udaan team as they implement their plans and organise activities for this coming year.

MONDAY 22nd October

Many listeners contact the Udaan team with serious problems which can be overwhelming. Please pray that the team will know God’s help and wisdom as they counsel listeners and get alongside them.

TUESDAY 23rd October

Give thanks for the Udaan team’s relationships with local organisations and the opportunities to work together. Please pray that these relationships would be strengthened, enabling them to work together more effectively to help bring positive change in the lives of their listeners.

WEDNESDAY 24th October

Please pray for the programme producers of the AM and shortwave programmes, that they would have clarity and wisdom to produce relevant and effective programmes.

THURSDAY 25th October

The Udaan project manager requires frequent medical treatment for an ongoing condition. Please pray for health and strength and that he would know the Lord’s help in his situation.

FRIDAY 26th October

Give thanks for the good response to Udaan. Please pray that listeners will know Jesus as their Lord and experience transformed lives.

SATURDAY 27th October

Please pray for the children and young people living in rural places, that they would have positive role models to learn from and be inspired by.