Feba UK partners in the Yemen Project supporting the production, broadcast and follow up of programmes. The broadcasts help listeners consider social and spiritual change, and bring practical advice as well as teaching about the Christian faith. The Yemen Project team is currently in the middle of a new campaign which is on radio and social media, targeting young Yemeni women who are struggling with their personal value.

SUNDAY 12th May

On both radio and social media, the team asked listeners, “dear sister, where do you get your value from?” They received a good response; some saying that the value comes from within, others say that its from following religion and cultural traditions. Please pray that they can establish a dialogue with those who want to know more and that the right women will interact with the radio programmes and social media posts.

MONDAY 13th May

Please pray that the following question on radio and social media will lead to meaningful conversations: “Is your value from: 1 – Yourself; 2 – The way society views you; 3 – The love of God for you?”

TUESDAY 14th May

Please join us and the Yemen Project team in giving thanks that some people are asking straight questions like: “Who is the Christ son of Mary?” Please pray that the team answer these questions well and that those who are asking them will know the truth.


Please pray for people who see the team’s efforts as a financial and social way of escaping their everyday life. Some even asked for money in return for “following Christianity”. The team members are sad about those requests; please pray for them to receive wisdom in dealing with them and that those asking the questions will hear and receive the good news.


Please join the team in praying for individual listeners. A woman called ‘D.T.’ has cancer; please pray for God’s peace and healing for her.

FRIDAY 17th May

One listener, a brother ‘K’ from a major city, he is looking for a job and continues his studies. Please pray that he finds a job soon and is able to continue studying as well.


Please pray for a child called ‘O’ in another city – he is sick at the hospital with a heart problem. Please pray that he receives healing and God’s blessing, and for comfort for those who are caring for him.