Our partners often work under pressure, some in very challenging environments, all seeking to understand and reach their audiences with life-changing content in their radio programmes. They really value the prayers of Feba supporters, so thank you for praying for them this week.

SUNDAY 24th February

Please pray for our partners working in countries where there is unrest or issues surrounding their security. Pray for their safety, courage and wisdom as they go about their lives and business. Pray too, for peace and stability in their countries and regions.

MONDAY 25th February

Please pray for politicians and leaders in various countries to look favourably upon Christians and the Church. Please pray for an increasing openness to religious expression and a move away from suppressing faith groups.

TUESDAY 26th February

Give thanks for the internet and the opportunity it gives to provide teaching to believers and to engage with interested listeners particularly via social media. Please pray that the audio materials, programmes and other resources that are available online would be relevant and encouraging to those who access them.

WEDNESDAY 27th February

Please pray for our partners’ health and wellbeing – both physical and emotional. Remember too their families and pray for good times of rest and relaxation. Pray that God would refresh them spiritually and that they would nurture their relationship with him.

THURSDAY 28th February

Please pray for believers around the world who live under pressure because of their faith and are often isolated from other believers. Pray that the radio programmes bringing Bible teaching would help them grow in their faith.