Iraq - promoting peace

IraqFM operates in an urban area of the country, promoting peace and reconciliation in a tense political climate. The station’s phone-in programmes offer a loving and respectful meeting place in which people from all parts of the community are welcomed and given a voice.

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SUNDAY 25th September

Give thanks that IraqFM is valued by community based organisation leaders from different backgrounds and is seen as a key player in building a peaceful future for the community.

MONDAY 26th September

IraqFM has been using social media to encourage further discussion of topics addressed on-air. Please pray that this will lead to deeper relationships with listeners, as well as improvements in people’s relationships with each other, with their families and with God.

TUESDAY 27th September

IraqFM is politically neutral and committed to promoting peace and reconciliation. Pray that the station’s efforts will contribute to peace-building throughout the country.

WEDNESDAY 28th September

Since 2014, the use of the internet in Iraq has increased by 25 per cent. A key reason behind this rapid increase is a desire for non-partisan sources of information and news. Please pray that IraqFM’s neutral stance will attract many new listeners through the station’s online presence.


THURSDAY 29th September

ISIS still operates across large areas of northern Iraq. Pray that ISIS’ influence will recede and soon end. Pray also that Christians in Iraq will be protected from potential attacks.

FRIDAY 30th September

Pray particularly for safety for IraqFM’s team. The area in which the team operates is not directly threatened by ISIS, but an attack is still possible.

SATURDAY 1st October

Recent governments have struggled to keep order in the country. Let’s pray for Iraq’s current government; that they will lead with courage and integrity, and inspire support from people of all religious and political backgrounds.