North-east Africa is an extremely difficult place to live as a Christian, let alone undertake evangelism. But our partners there are undaunted. They show courage and creativity in meeting their listeners’ needs, responding to them as individuals and preaching the Gospel.

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SUNDAY 18th September

*Dawit, who co-ordinates Feba’s ministry in north-east Africa, travels extensively to support and train partners. Please pray for safety in Dawit’s travels and for good health and energy for his work.

(*names changed for security purposes)

MONDAY 19th September

Dawit comments: “North-east Africa is one of most difficult places in the world for Christians. Believers are persecuted, churches are shut down and preaching is forbidden.” Let’s pray for great courage, wisdom and perseverance for everyone in the region trying to live out their Christian faith.

TUESDAY 20th September

There is a severe and widespread drought throughout the Horn of Africa. Governments in the region are better equipped than in the past to address such situations, but this is still a serious problem. Please pray for rain, and for a famine to be avoided.

WEDNESDAY 21st September

Give thanks for The Sparrow Project, broadcasting Christian material to an almost exclusively Muslim people group. Through Sparrow, more than 700 people have become believers.

THURSDAY 22nd September

Pray for Freedom Radio, which engages Muslim listeners in discussion on spiritual themes, using the Bible and the Koran to explain the Gospel. Ask that God will make the team’s work even more fruitful and protect them in what is a risky project.

FRIDAY 23rd September

Dawit has an opportunity to be involved in an exciting new project, working with young people in an urban area of the region. Pray for discernment for Dawit as he explores whether to pursue this opportunity. 

SATURDAY 24th September

Dawit is also involved in a media academy, training young journalists to share the good news clearly and accessibly. Please pray for everyone currently undergoing training; that they will be thoroughly equipped for effective radio ministry.