A wide reach

Gaweylon, our partner, broadcasts to Tibetans across a wide area – India, Nepal and Bhutan. The station’s programming covers practical issues which matter to its listeners, and culturally relevant Christian teaching.

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SUNDAY 4th September

Give thanks for the scale of Gaweylon’s reach, which extends across the Himalayan range into India, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. There is potential for thousands of people to hear the station’s broadcasts. Pray that Gaweylon’s audience will increase and that more people will therefore hear the good news.

MONDAY 5th September

Gaweylon has experienced a tough six months financially, with some of their partners being forced to reduce funding to the station. Please pray for new income streams to open up and for significant savings to be possible without cutting back on the station’s ministry.

TUESDAY 6th September

Give thanks for Gaweylon’s ministry to Tibetan diaspora communities in India. The station is sharing the good news in an accessible way, and helping to promote and continue the use of the Tibetan language.

WEDNESDAY 7th September

Praise God for the current level of response to Gaweylon’s programmes. The team, and their volunteer helpers, have conducted more than 2,500 personal visits to listeners in the last six months, which is extremely encouraging.

THURSDAY 8th September

A Tibetan man trying to rebuild his life after time in rehab has been referred to Gaweylon. The team have employed him to do maintenance and gardening in and around the studio premises. Please pray for this man to encounter God and discover hope for his future.

FRIDAY 9th September

Give thanks for Gaweylon’s programming focused on health, sanitation and nutrition, which is making a marked difference to the wellbeing of remote communities which receive the broadcasts.


SATURDAY 10th September

Tibetans often assume that Christianity is not compatible with their culture. Please pray for a greater awareness that it is possible to be both Tibetan and follow Jesus!