Feba UK partners in the Yemen Project supporting the production, broadcast and follow-up of programmes. The broadcasts help listeners consider social and spiritual change, and bring practical advice as well as teaching about the Christian faith.

SUNDAY 16th September

People in Yemen are increasingly open to new ideas in their search for hope as conflict continues in their country. Please pray for listeners as they explore life views and beliefs different from their established ones, that they would be open to finding out more about Jesus.

MONDAY 17th September

Please pray for the team as they receive calls and messages that can be particularly critical and harsh of the Christian faith and teaching. Pray for wisdom for them to know how best to respond.

TUESDAY 18th September

Many children in Yemen are growing up constantly surrounded by killing and destruction – this is a tragedy for each child, as their futures are being shaped by this understanding of what it is to be human. Please pray that as our partners broadcast children’s Bible stories, children would grow up imagining a different way to be human, rooted in God’s love and justice.

WEDNESDAY 19th September

Give thanks for the programme production team and pray for them as they work to help bring social and spiritual transformation to the people of Yemen. Give thanks for the opportunity to come alongside local believers through the daily radio shows.

THURSDAY 20th September

In the current conflict it would be easy to think of local believers as being downtrodden and despairing, yet they have been described as Arabian jewels because of their creativity and passion for worshipping Jesus. Give thanks to God for them and pray for their strength.

FRIDAY 21st September

On this International Day of Peace, please pray for the leaders of Yemen, that they would be willing to work together to find a peaceful solution to the conflict. Pray for a process of reconciliation to follow any peace agreement, so that individuals, families and communities can leave the past behind and move into a more hopeful future.

SATURDAY 22nd September

So much of what has been sown in Yemen should lead to a harvest of death but we stand with the local believers through the radio programmes and together we sow life-giving seeds, prayerfully expectant of a harvest of life. Join with us in praying for this.