FEBC ministers in Russia and Ukraine; this wide-ranging work is overseen by Victor Akhterov. Both ministries seek to communicate the gospel by using media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ through multiple platforms including websites, social media and independent radio stations, as well as their own seven radio stations.

SUNDAY 20th October

Doors are opening to share the gospel in some of the highest political circles in Russia through people like Sergey – FEBC’s veteran broadcaster and one of the leaders of the evangelical movement in Russia. Please pray he will be able to use his influence with Russian political leaders to gain more freedom for the Church.

MONDAY 21st October

Please pray for Alexey, FEBC Russia’s programme director. As well as managing a group of creative media evangelists, he is also a part of the leadership team that works on FEBC Russia’s strategic priorities.

TUESDAY 22nd October

This is an exciting time for the children’s audio-visual project that is being produced in FEBC’s studios in St. Petersburg. We thank God for Olga, a professional actress and a gifted evangelist, who is heading up this project. Please pray that many Russian-speaking children will find out who Jesus is and put their trust in him through listening and interacting with these highly creative programmes.

WEDNESDAY 23rd October

There are currently a group of around 25 listeners who are in regular contact with FEBC Russia’s counsellor, Vlad. Please pray for openness and that the Holy Spirit will transform their hearts.

THURSDAY 24th October

Please pray for FEBC’s outreach in Siberia, where we are working with seven radio stations that broadcast our programmes. Many listeners have been affected by severe wildfires that began sweeping through thousands of square miles of Siberian forest in July 2019. Please pray for those who have been suffering as a result of the smoke and ash that has spread across large areas of the country.

FRIDAY 25th October

We give thanks to God for the remarkable life and ministry of Ludmila, a veteran and a key member of the FEBC ministry in Russia and Ukraine, who died recently of cancer. Please pray especially for her brother Victor, director of FEBC’s ministries in Russia and Ukraine, and her family that God will comfort them in the midst of their grieving.

SATURDAY 26th October

Please pray for Eduard, FEBC Ukraine’s administrative director. Eduard has enormous responsibilities as one of the key leaders of FEBC Ukraine, which is growing rapidly at this time. As a very busy husband and father of four children, he is also taking care of a terminally ill aunt.

SUNDAY 27th October

Please pray for FEBC listeners in Pokrovsk, East Ukraine, especially those who have responded with many questions to our programmes recently. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue his work and that many will be saved.

MONDAY 28th October

Millions of people are suffering psychologically as a result of the military conflict in eastern Ukraine. More than a thousand Ukrainian soldiers have committed suicide in recent years. Please pray for Eugene who is leading the project that is helping veterans, their families and many other people affected by war-related tragedies.

TUESDAY 29th October

Please pray for the morning talk show hosts Max, Inna, Irina, and Igor. All of them are working from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and have created popular live programmes that are dynamic and intriguing. The main goal of these programmes is to enlarge the audience of FEBC Ukraine and build relationships with listeners.

WEDNESDAY 30th October

FEBC Ukraine has an opportunity to purchase a building for their Kiev Media Evangelism Centre. Please pray these plans will come to fruition soon as the facilities are urgently needed to expand the ministry by broadcasting through social networks to Ukraine’s cities with a population of more than half a million people.

THURSDAY 31st October

Please pray for Oleg, one of FEBC’s key leaders in Russia, who also helps FEBC co-workers in Ukraine and Central Asia. Oleg and his father, a military commander, came to know Christ through FEBC radio in the 1990s.