Radio Wimbe is making a positive change in the community of Pemba, Mozambique. Through the daily programmes people are finding information and help with local issues. The love of the presenters for the community and programmes produced in the local languages brings a sense of family to the listeners.

SUNDAY 9th December

During this second week of Advent we are reflecting on love. Give thanks for God’s great love for us, expressed so clearly in the life, death and resurrection of his Son. Pray for the many radio programmes being broadcast this week sharing this love and inspiring others to follow Jesus.

MONDAY 10th December

Give thanks for the presenters and their love for the people of Pemba. Pray for them as they prepare programmes in different local languages. Pray too, that the programmes would educate, help and encourage listeners, leading to lasting transformation in people’s lives.

TUESDAY 11th December

This listener in Mozambique said: “Because of Radio Wimbe and the Word of God, people change in lots of ways. I am very thankful – it teaches love and does not lie.” Give thanks for this individual and pray for Radio Wimbe listeners today.

WEDNESDAY 12th December

Give thanks for Farida, Radio Wimbe’s Station Manager. Pray for her as a woman in leadership within a patriarchal society. Give thanks for her passion for Jesus and her work. She says: “I believe the big thing that Radio Wimbe contributes is the transmission of love.”

THURSDAY 13th December

Please pray for staff at Radio Wimbe and for their families. Pray for their health and safety and that God would bless their work in the ministry.

FRIDAY 14th December

Give thanks that the Bible teaching radio programmes of Radio Wimbe are supplemented with face-to-face Bible study groups. Please pray for these groups, that people would be inspired to follow Jesus and deepen their relationship with him as they meet together to study the Bible.

SATURDAY 15th December

Give thanks for the replacement equipment supplied after a break-in at Radio Wimbe in the summer. Pray for protection of the radio facilities and that change would come in the province of Cabo Delgado, where Pemba is located, resulting in falling crime levels.