Radio Wimbe is helping to bring lasting, positive change in the communities in Pemba, Mozambique. The radio station is supplementing its Bible teaching radio programmes with face-to-face Bible study groups using Discovery Bible Study (DBS) materials.

SUNDAY 25th August

Please pray that the radio team members are growing in faith and maturing spiritually, as they teach others about Jesus.

MONDAY 26th August

The team hopes that their listeners and community will be set free by God’s truth. Please ask God to open the spiritual eyes of listeners so that they will know the truth of Jesus Christ.

TUESDAY 27th August

Cabo Delgado, the province that the team is located in, is in conflict. In addition to the difficulties, disruption and danger this causes to all who live there, it compromises the DBS teaching in the area. Please pray that this conflict will end soon and the DBS teaching will lead to peace through people receiving the gospel.

WEDNESDAY 28th August

There are elections in October, please pray that these will take place peacefully and that those elected will govern well.

THURSDAY 29th August

The radio station is near an area with a high crime rate. Please ask God to keep the team and radio station safe, particularly from thieves.

FRIDAY 30th August

Please pray that the team members who are communicating the gospel by radio and DBS always do it with the spirit and purpose of God.

SATURDAY 31st August

Please pray that listeners to Radio Wimbe will feel loved and valued by the programming content and the way the team engages with them. Please ask that God will continue to guide the team to produce relevant programmes that connect with, and respond to, the needs of listeners and their local community.