Radio Wimbe is helping to bring lasting, positive change in the communities in Pemba, Mozambique. The radio station is supplementing its Bible teaching radio programmes with face to face Bible study groups using Discovery Bible Study (DBS) materials.

SUNDAY 17th March

Please pray for the work with the DBS groups. Pray that more people would be drawn to studying the Bible together in this way, and for Radio Wimbe as they seek to develop this work.

MONDAY 18th March

A DBS group has been isolated from their mosques because they have received Bibles. Please pray that the presence of the DBS group does not bring conflict in the community.

TUESDAY 19th March

Please pray for the province of Cabo Delgado where Radio Wimbe is located and where there have been some violent incidences. Please pray for the people living in this area and that Radio Wimbe will be a calming and comforting voice for them.

WEDNESDAY 20th March

Thank God for the Radio Wimbe team who coped so well with the theft of equipment last year. Thank God for the installation of new equipment that has meant that broadcasting is back to normal.

THURSDAY 21st March

Please continue to pray for protection of the radio facilities as the station is near a neighbourhood with a high crime rate. Pray that God would protect it from any disturbances and theft of equipment.

FRIDAY 22nd March

Please pray for the listeners who engage with Radio Wimbe by calling in, texting, visiting and having their voices heard in their local language on the radio. Pray that each listener would feel very valued by the Radio Wimbe team; pray too that they would come to know God’s love.

SATURDAY 23rd March

“I believe the big thing that Radio Wimbe contributes is the transmission of love,” reports Farida, the Station Manager at Radio Wimbe. Pray that the Radio Wimbe team would continue to draw on God’s love themselves – their strength and inspiration, as they seek to share that love with the people of Pemba.