Feba Pakistan operates and broadcasts in an environment with threats of violence and insecurity. They are working with other Christian partners to develop the use of community radio to speak to the needs of their own communities, helping to reduce fear and bring hope to local people.

SUNDAY 19th May

In addition to shortwave broadcasts, they are using various platforms like FM, social media, web radio and mobile phone apps to broadcast the gospel message for the intended audience groups. Pray for their spiritual and communal needs as their programmes help listeners to grow in their thinking and knowledge to learn more about The Way.

MONDAY 20th May

Feba UK provides resources for programming, training and on-the-ground activities in order to engage audiences. Please pray for God’s provision of the necessary resources at local and international level to realise the ministry vision in Pakistan.

TUESDAY 21st May

Feba Pakistan’s local governing board coordinates, monitors, evaluates and uses the available resources in different projects for the organisation’s growth. Pray for God’s guidance and divine wisdom for the governing board so that they are able to govern the ministry effectively.


Feba Pakistan engages listeners with on-the-ground activities like medical camps, sports gala and seminars on different topics. Please pray for their upcoming activities in May and June where a lot of interaction and teaching will take place. This is the time when they see listeners face-to-face and they discuss various spiritual and social issues with them and seek Lord’s guidance for these needs.


Government regulations are being imposed at various levels that are making minority community unsafe and vulnerable in certain areas. Despite all difficulties, the Feba staff team is committed and dedicated with their vision. Please pray for their protection and Lord’s guidance for the expansion of His work through this ministry.

FRIDAY 24th May

Feba Pakistan is exploring the use of video to increase engagement with listeners. Please pray for this initiative as they produce the inspirational stories, relevant pictorial material and Christian songs to engage youth and other groups through social media.


Feba Pakistan serves a number of different language groups and is intending on expanding its work. Please ask God to give the team wisdom and guidance to prioritise the development of new programmes which will meet the needs of existing and new audiences, on shortwave and social media platforms.