Feba Pakistan operates and broadcasts in an environment with threats of violence and insecurity. They are working with other Christian partners to develop the use of community radio to speak to the needs of their own communities, helping to reduce fear and bring hope to local people.

SUNDAY 16th December

As we begin this third week of Advent we are reflecting on joy. We pray that listeners in Pakistan would find joy, peace and strength from God through radio programmes broadcast on shortwave, FM and social media, which we know they are listening to faithfully with great interest.

MONDAY 17th December

Drought is a severe and large scale issue with many suffering due to a lack of water. Please pray for the provision of water including the resources for water boring to meet this very basic need.

TUESDAY 18th December

Praise God for the financial support and prayers from many supporters around the world for the ministry of Feba Pakistan. Please pray for the financial sustainability of the ministry. It is a great challenge since the church at a local level is very poor and only able to contribute in a small way.

WEDNESDAY 19th December

Please pray for the staff undertaking the challenging ministry work of programme production. Pray for the programmes that address the needs of local communities, such as health, education, gender inequality and unemployment. Pray that these broadcasts will touch people’s lives and build bridges in communities across Pakistan.

THURSDAY 20th December

Give thanks for the Christian partners involved in the FM Project and how, through these radio programmes broadcast on FM stations, they are seeking to demonstrate the gospel and make communities better places to live.

FRIDAY 21st December

Please pray for the persecuted minority families and churches that are always in a vulnerable situation. Pray for their security as they live and work in a tense environment, and that they can meet safely in fellowship without fear.

SATURDAY 22nd December

Please pray for the safety and protection of the Feba Pakistan staff and their families as they sometimes have to face difficult situations due to their ministry involvement.