Feba Pakistan operates and broadcasts in an environment with threats of violence and insecurity. They are working with other Christian partners to develop the use of community radio to speak to the needs of their own communities, helping to reduce fear and bring hope to local people.

SUNDAY 15th September

Please join the team in praying for their beloved country, Pakistan, as the security situation there worsens, while tensions between India and Pakistan increase. Please pray for those people impacted by the country’s economic situation too; the inflation rate has increased tremendously, devaluing the currency. Poverty, unemployment and crime have also increased.

MONDAY 16th September

Praise God for the launch of a new FM programme, Youth Time. In Abbottabad, the team work in partnership with School of Proclamation (SOP). Please pray for the resources, guidance and wisdom to uplift the local communities through the team’s communication expertise.

TUESDAY 17th September

Please pray for the family of Mr Shamaun Nazar, formerly the team’s audience relations co-ordinator, who passed away in August, leaving his wife and three children. Please ask for God’s protection and providence for this young family. Please also pray for the recruitment of a new person to fill the role; the team needs someone experienced who has the wisdom to deal with listeners in each of their varied circumstances.

WEDNESDAY 18th September

In addition to Feba Pakistan’s shortwave and FM broadcasts, the team uses other audio media including social media, web radio and mobile apps to broadcast the gospel to the intended audience groups. Please pray for the spiritual and communal needs of listeners, as the programmes help them to grow in their thinking and knowledge to learn more about The Way.

THURSDAY 19th September

At a recent seeker conference held by Feba Pakistan, 54 listeners, from 19 cities all across Pakistan, participated and four listeners showed great interest in finding The Way. Please pray for our Lord’s guidance, wisdom and protection for those who confessed Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour, and also for those who are on their journey, that they may find Him too.

FRIDAY 20th September

Please pray for the governing board of Feba Pakistan, that its members receive God’s guidance and divine wisdom to oversee the ministry’s work effectively and deploy the resources that He provides.

SATURDAY 21st September

The production team and follow up departments put their heart and soul into creating effective and relevant content for each audience, on shortwave, FM, web and social media broadcasting. Please pray that God inspires the right content to be created and for His wisdom in responding to hard questions from the majority (M) community.

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