Going deeper

*Voice of Egypt broadcasts to young adults in an urban area of Egypt. Having patiently ‘built bridges’ with listeners from a range of religious and political backgrounds, the team now aim to go deeper in exploring faith issues with their established community of listeners.

For more background on our work in the Middle East read this page.

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SUNDAY 30th October

The team are excited by the potential of the social media channels that listeners can use to contact Voice of Egypt - so please pray for good conversations.

MONDAY 31st October

We rejoice that the team has a new computer server which is more stable than the old one. Please give thanks for those who have helped the team learn how to use this new piece of equipment and pray that the teammake the best use of the reliability it brings.

TUESDAY 1st November

We rejoice that five new team members have joined the *Voice of Egypt team, bringing youth, energy and a strong gender balance. Join us in giving thanks for them.

WEDNESDAY 2nd November

At the same time, we are sorry to lose a much-valued, long-term team member who is leaving the station to start a family. Please pray God’s blessing on her as she goes.

THURSDAY 3rd November

Please pray for hope for young refugees who have fled from Syria and Yemen and are now living in Egypt. *Voice of Egypt does not specifically aim to reach these groups but the programme topics will be relevant to them.

FRIDAY 4th November

Over the past few years, *Voice of Egypt has patiently built bridges with all cross-sections of the community. The team now aims to go deeper in these established relationships and discuss faith more intentionally. Pray for two new live programmes which should help achieve that.

SATURDAY 5th November

The Egyptian parliament recently approved a bill on building and restoring churches, easing some long-standing restrictions. Let’s give thanks for this encouraging step forward, and that the law will be implemented in a way that helps the church grow.