Praying for Feba worldwide

Feba works across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. This week we are inviting you to pray for a number of our projects across the world.

Man listens online to Radio Voice in Egypt

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SUNDAY 23rd October

Central Asia (remote rural): Please pray for the team as they produce a new series of broadcasts which deals with issues faced by women in the local context. We also pray for the partner as they try to recruit female follow-up workers from this people group.

MONDAY 24th October

Central Asia (urban and rural): Give thanks that several fellowships are using our partner’s audio material to help lead worship and grow the church. There are even several churches which have started up as a result of our partner’s work. Praise God!

TUESDAY 25th October

Bangladesh: The country is currently stable, but terrorist attacks are still a possibility. Please pray for peace. Also, give thanks for a recent listeners’ conference, at which nine people said their view of Jesus had changed significantly as a result of attending.

WEDNESDAY 26th October

Burundi: Pray for the radio team promoting non-violent responses to the current political crisis. There is potential for refresher training for the team; pray that this will happen soon. Pray also for the team’s families – in particular their safety – and for peace in Burundi. For more on our partner's work in Burundi read this article.

THURSDAY 27th October

Zimbabwe: Pray for the Karanda Mission Hospital Radio project. Give thanks for the completion of the studio and ward speaker system. Please pray for wisdom for the team as they try to strike a balance between health-based programming and Christian content. Read this blog for more insights on our projects in Africa including Karanda.

FRIDAY 28th October

Mozambique: Radio Wimbe’s new station manager, Farida, has now started in the role. Narciso will be providing some transitional support. Please pray for Farida and the board as the station moves into its next phase of development.

SATURDAY 29th October

First Response Radio: Give thanks for FRR’s expertise in using radio to help disaster-affected communities, and for their willingness to train our other partners for similar work. For more information on FRR why not read this blog?