Last week two international days, the International Day of Rural Women (15 October) and International Day of the Girl Child (11 October) drew attention to the gender inequality that still exists in the world.

By outlining 17 Sustainable Development Goals (or "SDG's") the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has made a global call to action for the 21st century "to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity." 1 

Sustainable Development Goal number 5 is Gender Equality.  Empowering women in communities is a pre-condition to "addressing key challenges such as poverty, inequality, and violence against women."2

Our projects not only broadcast life transforming radio to women, our projects, radio stations, programme production, fundraising and follow-up depend on women.

Feba's work speaks into the discrimination and disadvantage felt by women and girls across parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  Our projects not only broadcast life transforming radio to women, our projects, radio stations, programme production, fundraising and follow-up depend on women.    

Please join us in thanks-giving prayer for the amazing women we have staffing our partner projects, programmes and stations, as well as praying for the listeners tuning into radio for the empowerment of women and girls. 

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SUNDAY 16th October

Station Manager Farida took over the management of Radio Wimbe earlier this year. 

Pray for Farida's leadership as listener groups grow and Wimbe continues to positively impact the lives of listeners in Pemba, Mozambique.

MONDAY 17th October

Mungongo Ya Muana (Voice of the Child) is a project combatting the prejudice felt by street children in Kinshasa. Homeless young women and girls can be particularly vulnerable to abuse and sexual violence on the streets.  Our partner, the Childrens Radio Foundation have been training groups of young people in journalism to produce a weekly show broadcast on the Gambela market radio.  

Pray for young reporters such as Cecilia and Chloe who are speaking up for themselves, telling their own stories and using the radio platform to challenge stigma and discrimination.   

TUESDAY 18th October

Harmful social norms and expectations around gender mean that every 7 seconds a girl under 15 is married.3  Girls from poor families in particular regions are more vulnerable and child marriage often will stop a girl's education and open her up to various forms of violence, health issues and limited opportunities. Each year, 15 million girls are married before they reach adulthood.  

Please pray for people to understand the dangers of child marriage, for radio programmes to open up conversations around gender equality and for young girls forced into early marriage.

WEDNESDAY 19th October

Anita is a follow-up worker and producer of Feba North India's women's programming:  

"I want women to be great visionaries here, bring about change in society and realise their potential.  Radio can be a great companion for women.  They can listen even while doing their work.  Through it we can educate women about violence, their health, rights and relationships."

Praise God for Anita's work and please pray for her vision for women listeners.

THURSDAY 20th October

AfnoFM in Okhaldhunga has continued it's broadcasts despite losing its studio after the earthquake last year. Working out of temporary premises and still visiting communities served by the programmes, roving reporter and radio producer Binu has not let this get in her way.

Thank God for Binu and her colleague's continued perseverance and commitment to delivering life transforming programmes in Nepal. 

FRIDAY 21st October

Our partners broadcast programmes in West Bengal aiming to warn women about sex-trafficking. Women are leaving their villages on the promise of well paid work only to find themselves forced into prostitution.  Radio can raise awareness to prevent women being tricked by false marriage proposals or the promise of jobs by traffickers. 

Please pray for the team staffing the Women's Radio Iniative and the women the programmes serve.

SATURDAY 22nd Ocober

The Landais project engages with women in the Arabic speaking world, building relationships and encouraging discussions on spiritual matters.

Please pray for the broadcasts and that listeners find the programmes compelling, offering much food for thought and spiritual nourishment.

READ MORE: prayer points for the Women's Radio Initiative in India.

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3.Save the Children report 'Every Last Girl' authors Amanda Lenhardt, Lisa Wise, Giorgiana Rosa, Hollie Warren, Frances Mason and Rukayah Sarumi