Pakistan - making headway

Our partner, Feba Pakistan, is building for the future, with a new strategy being formulated and a new director about to take charge. A separate project, the FM Expansion Project, is also making progress by reviewing its work and highlighting areas to develop.

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SUNDAY 2nd October

A new director is about to take charge of Feba Pakistan. Please pray that this appointment will be a real step forward for the organisation. Also pray for the new director himself as he prepares for this role.

MONDAY 3rd October

Please pray for Feba Pakistan’s leadership team as they continue to develop their strategy for the next few years. Pray for strong relationships within the team as the new director joins them, and for wise strategic priorities to be identified.

TUESDAY 4th October

Give thanks for the staff who took part in a First Response Radio training course earlier this year. Please pray that this training will be useful to them, even if they do not need to use their new skills for months or even years.

WEDNESDAY 5th October

The FM Expansion Project has undertaken a mid-term review with the key church partners from the individual projects. Please pray for these churches, that they will increase their radio skills and the sustainability of their projects.

THURSDAY 6th October

Pray also for the FM Expansion Project to engage other mature churches and mobilise them to reach their communities with high-quality audio content.

FRIDAY 7th October

Today is the provisional date for Feba Pakistan’s AGM. Please pray for blessings on the election of officers, reports given and decisions taken there. The AGM takes place while the political climate in Pakistan is tense. Christians are particularly vulnerable and have been subjected to vicious attacks by Islamic extremists. Please pray for God’s protection for Christians in Pakistan, and for greater understanding between different faith groups.

SATURDAY 8th Ocober

Today is Feba Pakistan’s transition to the new director, and also the day of their new strategy launch. Please pray for the new appointment, that the team are successfully able to grow listeners, and that interest in their work is nurtured and strengthened to enable the good news to make a difference to people’s lives.