A station with a heart for the community

Radio Wimbe is a station making programmes in multiple languages to a diverse community in Pemba, Mozambique.  The station broadcasts a range of content from water and sanitation messages to encourage behaviour change right the way through to agricultural advice, Bible teaching and gospel music.  Station manager Farida says “I believe the big thing that Radio Wimbe contributes is the transmission of love." 

Please pray for the station, the staff and its listeners this week.

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SUNDAY 15th October

Station manager Farida requests prayer specifically for her hardworking team of presenters:

"Pray for the radio, please pray for the presenters. They are very important for this to work. It is not me as the leader, the presenters are the ones that lead with the listeners, they lead the programmes. They need our prayers. They need the love of God- without God they will not be successful. Please pray for them."

MONDAY 16th October

Farida also asks for prayer for the Radio Wimbe Association:

"Please pray for the association. Pray that they are united and they pick up the work as something really important for them. At times when they are tired and weary, please pray that God gives them strength."

TUESDAY 17th October

Makua speaker Nuru listens regularly to Radio Wimbe and has changed his behaviour as a result of the health advice he heard on the programmes: "I am beautiful because of Radio Wimbe.  I stopped drinking.  I am clean inside and I have become beautiful".

Please pray for listeners like Nuru and for further health improvements in Wimbe's listener community.  Please also pray for the health of the station staff.

WEDNESDAY 18th October

"A man came and said because of Radio Wimbe, he found out a woman is someone he should raise with two hands and not treat them badly.  He did not know that before [listening]."

Presenter Tima, of the Mwani speaking programmes tells how programmes have taught respect for women. Please pray for continued societal change to put a stop to gender inequality.    

THURSDAY 19th October

Presenter Amelia speaks Makua and speaks of the value of using local languages across Radio Wimbe's output:

"Makua is important for those in the villages and rural areas. They receive and understand well in Makua.  It makes people feel good and valued if it is in their own language."

Please pray for the continued use of local languages, and for compelling content to be broadcast for different language groups.

FRIDAY 20th October

A local pastor has told of the value of Radio Wimbe to those in prison and how people are listening to the station in their cells. Please pray for the listeners and for the pastor who says that Wimbe is helping with his ministry in prisons. 

SATURDAY 21st October

Station Manager Farida, has a simple request for prayer for herself and family:

"Please pray for me that I continue to be a strong woman and the love of God is always with me. Pray also for my family, my children. That we are a happy family. My big prayer is for my husband."