Afno FM broadcasts from two stations: Okhaldhunga in the east of the country and Dadeldhura in the west.

Last year’s earthquake caused extensive damage in Okhaldhunga but the Afno FM team have shown great perseverance in serving their community, in spite of the circumstances.

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SUNDAY 6th November

Give thanks for the completion of a new station building for Afno FM in Okhaldhunga, which is to be inaugurated this month. This is a great relief, as the station has been broadcasting from temporary premises since the previous studio was destroyed in last year’s earthquake.

MONDAY 7th November

The move to a new studio has allowed the Afno FM team to undertake electrical earthing works, which should improve the reliability of transmissions in this lightning-prone mountainous region. Give thanks for this improvement. 

TUESDAY 8th November

In the wake of new legislation which limits Christians’ freedom of worship, let’s pray for godly wisdom for the government and for improved understanding between the authorities and the Church.

WEDNESDAY 9th November

Pray for Vijay, Afno FM’s Project Coordinator; that God will give him the vision, energy and understanding he needs to lead his team well.

THURSDAY 10th November

A key strand of Afno FM’s work is health-focused content, building on a partnership with the hospital in Okhaldhunga. Pray that this partnership will continue to flourish, transforming the health of local people. 

FRIDAY 11th November

Afno FM’s practical action in helping the community respond to last year’s earthquake has only served to enhance its reputation. Please pray for the continued development of strong community relationships and that Afno FM continues to be an asset to the areas it serves.

SATURDAY 12th November

Nepal remains a difficult place for journalists to operate with frequent threats of violence against anyone who prints or broadcasts controversial material. Please pray for improved safety and freedom of expression for journalists.